Software that can be offered during installation.

These toolbars will offer a fully integrated so frequently used browser, a number of utilities such as real-time translator, games, Online Radio ...

1. Toolbars


Mysearchdeal is a tool-bar that integrates with your browser and lets you surf the web with custom settings, helping you to find what you are looking for easily, quickly and accurately.


Install Mixi DJ. MixiDJ is a popular free toolbar designed to make browsing and searching the internet faster and easier! MixiDJ toolbar gives you access to a large variety of radio, music and news stations, comprehensive text and web page translations.


Install Shopping Helper. Shopping Helper is a toolbar that will help you organize your online shopping, make screenshots and share them across social networks. Shopping Helper will improve your online experience with plenty of improvements and possibilities.


With the AOL toolbar you can easily search and share websites with friends, see breaking news right in your browser and get instant access to mail, weather and news.

SweetPacks Toolbar

SweetPacks Toolbar selects the best daily apps based on your browsing information

2. Other additions to your browser

These extras provide interesting functionality to your browsers. Free Online Games, tips and discounts on your purchases. Extras that help you in day to day.


MyPCBackup is an application that allows you to back up to the cloud of your photos, music, videos, e-mail, documents and more!


Find what your friends share on Facebook, Twitter and any other network as you search the web.


AddLyrics finds lyrics to any song on Youtube and displays them alongside the music video.


Electrolyrics will find any lyrics on YouTube and display them alongside the music video you listen to.


Advertising product that offers the best selection of offers available online.


Plug-in that provides a search engine optimized to bring you the best deals according to the search criteria used.

Iminent MiniBar

It provides emoticons, games and fun animations on your customers e-mail and chat programs most popular in the market.


Improve your search engine and increases safety scouts, getting a safer search.


FastFreeConvertor is a quick and simple solution that lets you convert your songs and videos into different formats. It's 100% free.

Download Terms

Download Terms is an extension for your browser, through which you can look up the meaning of words without leaving the page on which it is located. Just need to select the word you want to see the definition and Download Terms will show it without distracting from the content you are viewing.